Olive Wood

Handmade wonderful olive wood carvings produced from natural Holy Land Olive Wood trunk slices, from the holy places such as Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee in which famous stories took place on the footsteps of Jesus when he was preaching all over and the Holy Land of Israel, while sawing the seeds of the Roots of Christianity making his journeys mentioned in the Holy Book. Bethlehem Artists make different carvings portraying Jesus our Lord, Lady Madonna, the Holy Family, Good Shepherds, Nativity sets, crosses, rosaries, Christmas ornaments and candles, olive wood jewelry boxes and a host of other carvings.

The process of pruning trees is essential to the growth of the olive tree; no trees are ever damaged or destroyed in this process. Carvers use only branches after trimming trees, an annual process to take care of olive wood trees and preserve them in the Holy Land.

We bring you this good quality olive wood handcraft directly from the artisans who carve it, mainly artisans based in their houses. This handicrafts industry plays a major role in the economy of Bethlehem as it supports the majority of its inhabitants as every line of business in Bethlehem depends on it.