Holy Soil Rosary from Bethlehem: White Pearls Embracing Sacred Earth

Embrace faith and holiness with this exquisite Rosary. White pearls cradle sacred soil from Bethlehem, offering a connection to the birthplace of Jesus. Handcrafted for lasting beauty, it’s a cherished gift for any believer.



Carry the spirit of the Holy Land close to your heart with this unique and beautiful rosary handcrafted in Bethlehem. This rosary features:

Genuine Soil of Bethlehem: Each white pearl bead encapsulates a tiny piece of soil from the birthplace of Jesus, connecting you to the sacred ground.
Pure White Pearls: The pristine white pearls symbolize purity, faith, and new beginnings.
Durable Construction: Made with strong thread and high-quality pearls, this rosary is built to withstand the test of time.
Meaningful Gift: This rosary is a perfect gift for any Catholic or Christian, offering a tangible reminder of their faith and connection to the Holy Land.

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